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IAWAI 2012 - The Contract & The Cornerstone

Press statement from The International Art Waste Agency Inc., IAWAI.

When the archives of art from our own history feel overloaded, when the mass of this abundance of art becomes too heavy a burden to carry and so confused that art runs the risk of losing itself on the way, then ‘the stone the builders rejected will become the cornerstone’2.


The Void-coefficient

The positive void coefficient has the disadvantage of easily getting unstable. At an increas of the effect the pressure builds up as well, which in turn increases the effect and thus creating a vicious cycle. Read more...

2012, The Contract & The Cornerstone

Place: Konstfack, Stockholm/Sweden
Date: 16th of may until 27th of may, 2012.

A degree project by Johan Ekenberg.

Installation view

2012, Open Call: Art Wiki

Place: Internet / KW Institute Berlin/Germany
Date: 27th of april, 2012 - until further notice.

A open invitation to join the Art Wiki. A digital venue of the 7th Berlin Biennale.

The Archive

2010, IAWAI

The International Art Waste Agency Inc., IAWAI, is a newly established apart scientific agency with the main task to investigate questions about terminal storage of art waste as well as giving governments and companies advise in such questions. IAWAI shall further on identify and analyze question formulations of essential interest for the decision-making process, within art management, and for the long term safety of terminal storage.

The Showcase